Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finding Inspiration Even With Those You Don't Like

"Find a group of people who challenge you and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, it will change your life."

Now THAT is an inspiring statement.  I especially like it because I first saw it posted on Facebook by my friend Tracy, who most certainly inspires me with her ability to put together tiny little scraps of fabric (like I throw away) and get beautiful creations.  She does mosaic collages in fabric.

Interestingly, the quote came from a person I dislike intensely.  Amy Poehler.  I don't like her humor, her politics, the way she presents herself, they way she puts down people who don't have the same opinion as hers.  The hatred she expresses publicly for people who don't espouse her beliefs is unconscionable.

This is what I started with
I have a problem with people (generally in Hollywood) who think that their opinions carry greater weight, or even should be announced because they can stand up in a crowd and yell them out loud.  Last I looked, we still live in America and we all are entitled to our opinions without being put down. 

But I digress........

Inspiration.  I like what she said about it.  And Tracy and I are both members of the Fiber Group that so often provides me with wonderful inspiration and encouragement. 

As I have said before, the theme word for my Fiber Art Group in March is Inspiration.  Yesterday I worked on the project for the next meeting, my Zen Lady.  So while Frank was out in the rain making money for more quilting toys, I was blocking working on my Lady. 

I washed the vintage textiles I want to use (and hung them on the line in the rain.  At 5 pm we had had 3 inches already) ) and I printed out the Argentinian version of a love song that will be included in there as well.  Somewhere.  It is not looking anything like the vision in my head.  And even that is getting faint now.
Vintage textile piece

I saw a post somewhere on Pinterest where a ZenTangle/Zen Doodle artist worked on Fabric, so I want to try that in this piece as well.

What it looks like right now
I like what I do, flipping between quilts and fiber art.  Between Modern and Traditional even.  It keeps my mind fresh, keeps repetition from boring me and makes my work ever interesting.

And it keeps my work space really cluttered because I see everything that could possibly be ART in all the leavings of QUILTING........

I will be linking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall posts.  One of my resolutions this year was to post to Nina-Marie's Wall more often.   Definitely head over to see what others are working on as well.


  1. Your Zen lady is looking good! I don't know what I would do without my online community. Since I have struggled to find a group locally that I fit in with. I don't want to join a group that has monthly goals or lots of projects I would need to participate in. I already have enough going on I don't need a group adding to my list. At least online I can show what I am doing when adding my link to someone's post about an improv piece I have in the works or a scrap project that is on the design wall.

  2. Your composition so far is really good. I like the balance of it and how those blue circles look. So far so good. Looking forward to seeing what's next


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