Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Haunted Toothbrush

We have a weird house.  It has always been weird.  It was built on pasture land 1 1/2 years before we bought it. 

When we moved from Hammond to Baton Rouge 31 years ago, I was pregnant with Carrie.  Frank was never home, he had two positions at his company; managing the shop in New Orleans and his regular job as salesman in a 4 state territory.   I was by myself for days on the weekdays and often the weekends as well for maybe 3 years.   I had no friends since we were in a totally new city.  My Aunt and Uncle were the only family nearby and they helped me some with new Carrie and just being there as human companionship.

Being alone in a new city and new house with a new baby was no fun. And this house tested my being.

The house was really weird.  The kitchen cabinet doors would open all by themselves.  It would freak me out. The garbage disposal would sometimes shock me when I turned it on.  It never shocked anyone else.  So that freaked me out.

Over the years, really odd things would happen, like my rice would disappear from the pantry and turn up three days later on the counter. 

Things still happen, we just accept that.   Unlike the Poltergeist in the movies, ours is not evil.  We have come to a sort of understanding relationship.

The last few days, the electric toothbrush turns itself on.  Sometimes during the day, sometimes in the middle of the night when we all all sleeping.    I now have a new electric toothbrush, the haunted one has been buzzing itself crazy on the carport for the last two hours.

It is trying to make a point.  It will run, then sputter like an old car, stop, and run some more.

Two  hours so far.  Like the Energizer Bunny.

My new one is super sonic.  So it might just be communicating silently with the other world on its own level.  Or maybe it is the beacon for some alien ship.

I keep waiting for the HandiQuilter to start quilting by itself.   Wouldn't that be nice?  Sometimes I put a quilt on the frame and leave it there for a day or so. 

But I guess my ghostie is not artsy-craftsy.


  1. You do have a weird house. I'm one of those people who sit in the movies and talk, mostly to the characters on screen. I like to tell them what will happen or, better, what to do to save themselves: Run. Really, you will not make it wearing those goofy-___ shoes. The guy with the knife is hiding in the creepy house--do NOT go in.

    People (namely Richard) tend to shush me but I know stuff. Since I read, I'm very good at predicting what will happen. I'm almost always right, too. So I owe it to the characters to tell them my predictions.

    That said, I'd have told you a couple of things 31 years ago: Move out! You shouldn't wait till you're really pregnant to make a life decision since pregnancy tends to slow a woman down. Finally, who waits to figure out whether the poltergeist is angry? (You needed me way back then, but would you have listened?)

  2. The ghost that inhabits our house is not evil but very annoying at times. She likes to raise the thermostat to 80 or 85. She turns on lights when we aren't home especially the kitchen light. Last week she hid my Chase bank bag and then put it right where I looked and felt twice. Lilly will all of a sudden start barking and trying to get in Kristen's room when there is no physical person there. So far, knocking on wood, she hasn't taken to playing with cabinets and appliances. Good luck with yours.

  3. That toothbrush story is pretty funny! That happened to a rechargeable toothbrush of mine. The brush was not being charged and was sitting in a cabinet. All of a sudden I heard such a racket! I wandered thru the house to try and find the source and that brush had turned itself on. I was just a bouncing on the shelf. I could not get it to turn off so once it quit running it got trashed.

  4. omg

    One time our tv just started speaking in Spanish.
    We looked at each other, and I said, glad you were here to see that.


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