Friday, April 15, 2016

Build A Barn - No Pattern Consruction by Julie Sefton

The books are finally here!!!  And it is a beautiful book!!!!!

Perfect, we all know I love buildings, industrial sites, and yes, even barns.  hen I saw the quilt blocks Julie was making a few years ago, I began following her blog story at Me And My Quilts.

As a child we had taken only one vacation.  We went to Washington DC and stopped in Rock City.  I vividly remember all the barns we passed along the way with See Rock City painted on their roofs.  (Yes, I actually looked up the plural of roof and it said rooves was accepted but was the "old" way of doing it.)

Julie created block by block and I would always comment, you need to write a book!  Well, she did.

Really, I do take full credit for that.


I can't keep track of how many awards See Rock City has won, but it is a lot.  So many others loved it too.

When Julie decided to take my advice and put together a book, she asked a bunch of her friends to form a Secret Society of Barn Builders or the SSOBB as we were affectionately called.  We used her process notes to test the pages making Barns of our own.  Those Barns grew into individual small quilts and now are traveling into some of the show circuits.

Could not get photo flipped!  Later will fix it
I know Julie will be in Paducah at the Author's Showcase.  She probably told me what time but since I can't remember, you will need to look her up there.  And I want you to tell her you know me.  She thinks I might be normal, but you need to assure her I am just as crazy as she is.

So we do have a blog hop.  Mine will be in May and I will have a give away of one of her beautiful books.  you will want to follow the progress of all the blog hops and get more chances to win.

Check out the blog Julie set up for the book.

Free Pieced  Barn Project

If you go there you can see the individual quilts made from the process notes.  they are pretty spectactular!

And mine can be found at:   Glenda Parks

And I have a project in the works, I am tweaking Julie's Barns a bit and making it quite my own.  But that is what this book is all about.

Go get it, you will love it.  ( I get no royalties or kickbacks, but maybe the Bad Basset Boyz will get a bone if  my followers buy a lot of them.)


  1. I will hunt Julie down and let her know that you are the new definition of "normal" at least among my friends. Anything to get the boyz a bone!

  2. Got my book from AQS, and it is lovely!

  3. All the quilts are pretty cool! The use of hand dyed, tie dyed, novelty prints, etc. was great!

  4. Thanks, Glen --FUN! I really love that you want to "tweak the barns" and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.
    p.s. here's hoping the boyz get their bones!

  5. I have been waiting for the book since you mentioned it. So now I can put two books in my shopping cart! (I'm funny about ordering only one thing at a time when I'm online...sort of like writing a check for less than $5...remember that?) I've made two barn quilts and a cotton gin quilt, so I'm really interested in her book. It will be interesting to see whether my process is "normal" or I can find some short cuts. I'm guessing not-normal at all, but I could be wrong.


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