Friday, April 22, 2016

Fish and Fishing Camps

Well, one of the goldfish didn't make it.  But the other one seems to be OK, although he is not convincingly healthy looking.

 Every time we go look at him, he panics and flees to the safe house.  Frank said he felt he was terrorizing the fish and won't go look at him anymore.  I think fish are pre-disposed to fear things coming from overhead to eat them.  And that after he is conditioned to know I will feed him, he will be more stable as a friend.

In other news.......I created another block.  None of these actualy look like what is in my head.

And it is also dark.  Louisiana must be a very dark place!   It didn't occur to me the the sky would take such sharp turns around the house.  But then there were other issues as well........

And of course there is the requisite house boat. 

I will put an antenna on the roof and maybe some fish in the canal.   

And it needs a pier to tie up to when they are not motoring their 12 Cajun kids around the bayou.


  1. Just imagine from the fishe's point of view if one of the dogs come to take a drink - a gigantic tongue dipping in the water like a Sci Fi Horror movie !!!!

  2. Did Ahab leap to his death? Are you going to get Moby a new friend?


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