Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Fish

Unfortunately we had two burials at sea this week.  I am now known as the fish murderer in some circles. I had to go to another PetSmart so they wouldn't recognize me at the one near me.

Now my fountain is dechlorinated and super good bacteria laden.

And we have two new victims friends.

This time I was smart enough to get a white stripped one and a goldy gold one so I can tell them apart.

You know, when they do really good, smart stuff. 


  1. Oops! Chlorine is something we don't always think about. Hopefully these two live a long happy life!

  2. If the goldfish I won at the Fair is any indication, they will be hardy. I had no idea what I was doing, by either trying to win one, or trying to care for it once home. I enjoyed it though and only one time had to take it to the fish-spital because somehow we developed ick. LeeAnna

  3. Swimmy things!!
    Similar to springy things...but different.
    Ok. Very different.
    But fun to say....


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