Thursday, April 14, 2016

Guterman Thread Question

I am pretty popular this of my pins was repinned by Shirley McClain and I have a meeting with Wayne Rogers this afternoon.  I guess the fact that one is dead and one talks to the dead should make me drive more carefully today!

Could someone who uses Guterman Thread tell me what type I need to get.

I want to try some but I have no idea what type to buy that would be usable in home sewing machines  and my long arm.

Mara 100 Tex 30 1,094 yds All Purpose Thread 

I generally use Essentials from Connecting Threads but I seem to have some Aurifil in the mix of colors.  I ended up with some cones of poly something I must have mis-ordered, because I don't like them.  They are silky and shiny and thin, but not what I generally use for quilting.


 Anyone  use Guterman?  

And as an aside......

Every time I took a photo of a bird, I thought of Carol! They told me what it was but I didn't have my book to write it down.  So untypical of me, I usually take voracious notes of every step of our vacations.


  1. I don't love gutterman. Why bother when there is Metler, Madeira, YLI, Aurifil, DMC all behaving so well?

    1. and who is wayne rogers besides the mash actor who died? Are you meeting with the dead actor? oy, girllllll

  2. You can send me your thread rejects. I use it all.

  3. I'm not much for Gutterman either but last I knew Joann fabrics carry it. I'm surprised the cotton thread doesn't break and lint up your long arm.
    That bird kind looks like me with the belly and the skinny legs - lol!

  4. I use their cotton thread in my home sewing machine,50 weight. I sew with it and quilt when doing straight lines. The fine sewing thread like Metler fine embroidery and Aurifil is too fine for straight line; it breaks after being quilted. But the fine stuff is good for denser FMQ. I don't have a long arm. No info on that.


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