Sunday, April 10, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Sailing down the Mississippi River
We are sailors returned from the sea!

Frank Drinking?
It was a wonderful week with perfect weather and a set of friends who enjoyed the ship and the comedy.  The group that was with the band numbered 639 and they know how to party! 

We get the bassets tomorrow, so tonight as Suzette suggested, I will throw fabric on the floor with abandon and take the baby gates down and run through the house with glee!

I am glad you enjoyed the videos of the sewing machines and stuff.  I wanted to leave you with something to watch. 

We were on a Segway tour somewhere in the Bahamas and a lady wasn't watching where she was going.  Her wheels hit a parked car.  The battery pack shut down and down she went, dislocating her knee. The guide was very concerned whether the she would be taken to the local hospital or the ship.  He said she would get much better care on the ship, since the hospitals were public hospitals.  He said it was a poor system and anyone with insurance from their workplace went to the US for healthcare.

Turns out the lady did go to the hospital and when we checked just before sailing was still not back on the ship.  I am sure she got back in time, but we were never able to find out what happened to her.

I will have some pictures during the week for you.  It was such perfect weather.

Gold Coast
No Stash Report!  Sorry!  While I did work on my Big Hexagon Project, I touched nothing else.........


  1. Beautiful beach! Sounds like you had a good time! We had snow on and off all weekend! Snow in April - now that is just crazy! Now it is raining. Partly sunny tomorrow and then finally sunshine for a whole week.

  2. Oh! That beach! I want to walk on it for days , although it's probably to hot. When you get old like us we can't take the sun or heat, at least I can't . One can dream though.
    I'm thinking of you walking down the beach and Frank singing "the girl from impanena"
    And everyone goes "ahhh"


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