Monday, April 25, 2016

Swimmy Things!

I was quite concerned.  I didn't see the white stripey guy for a whole day.  I could catch glimpses of the goldy one, but he would scream and run under the bricks when he saw me hovering.

Carrie told me I would react the same if someone plucked me from here and dropped me in Dallas.  She assured me I would be hiding in a closet if I could find one.

But today I was able to look at the goldy one.  And the stripey one appeared late in the afternoon for a brief moment.

He really freaks, that one.  But I haven't killed them yet!  But no pictures either.  But I guess I can name them now.

Carrie needs to come over and meet her new brother and sister.  Or brothers.  Or sisters.  I guess there is a bigger chance they are same sex ...........which is good.

I have a root canal re-do tomorrow..........So I will sleep it off in the afternoon.  And once again, Frank will be in another city.


  1. Good wishes for the root canal re-do! Your fish stories crack me up.

  2. Good to know the fish have survived another day! Once you start feeding them I think they will be very friendly! When I had my root canal a few months ago I went back to work. I didn't feel any different than if I had a filling done. A nap would have sounded better than going back to work!


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