Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fence Mending and Some Camps

Sounds like an Apology Tour doesn't it!

Actually it was actually fence rebuilding.

Thursday late, Frank and I tore down the old wooden fence that borders the driveway side of my house.  We used pig wire to keep the dogs from getting out, however...........

This idiot immediately found a way to get out and met me on the other side.  TWICE!  So we did what we could and made a rule to only let them out on leashes until we could get the boards and fencing back in place.

While the fence was down I had a chance to see my yard from a different perspective.  It is such a beautiful yard.  If we ever move, it will sell this house.

Early Friday morning we started work.  McGee whined through nearly the whole time we were working.

We finished the last board at 11:15 AM.  And quickly made the decision to go to Middendorf's for lunch!

 I sacrificed calories for art.

I wanted to get some photos of the Cajun Camps on Lake Maurepas, the Tickfaw River and some of the bayous and lumbering canals in the area.

Many of the canals were dug so they could cut the cypress trees and float them out to the waiting trucks.  Now there are few cypress trees left.  Salt water intrusion has killed most of the remaining cypress.

We used to live in Tickfaw.  We would take the boat down the Tickfaw River into the Lake Maurepas and tie up at Middendorf's Restaurant for that thin fried catfish amazement!

But when I got on the scale this morning I was down 16 lbs, so I am sticking to that story!


  1. The fence looks great! Your yard is beautiful. Mine needs so much work it is stupid. The Cajun camp photos will be great inspiration for your next blocks. Congratulations on being down 16! That is fantastic! Keep it up!


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