Friday, May 27, 2016

Off the Wall Friday - Cajun Camps

If you are looking to see who won my Blog Hop this week, please look at the post directly before this one at:

Two people I do not know - But who are now my best friends!

But for my Off the Wall post I want to share my work on the Cajun Camps. 

I just did a week long blog hop for Julie's Build A Barn book and tweaked the "barn" part to become Cajun Fishing Camps.  All good Cajuns here in Louisiana have somewherre they can get away and do some fishing.  Or hunting.  Or alligator jigging.  Just like the Duck Dynasty guys.

Camps in Cocodrie in Terrebonne Parish
Generally, a fishing camp is a bare bones structure that will
accommodate 2, 3 or 4 testosterone filled, bearded men armed with an array of barbs, sticks and firepower.  Sometimes there are bunks in a room or two, sometimes there is just a corner to throw down a couple of sleeping bags.

Some camps, however, are nicer than my house!
From Bayou Ducks' page

 The first one I did was the duck blind. I put a duck on top.

My duck blind has a leaning cypress tree nearby so you can tie up your pirogue.  That is pronounced Pee-Roge with a long O.  But you have to watch out for the cypress knees, they can wedge your pirogue in and you will be stuck.

Watching out for snakes that fall from the trees is always important as well.  I always told Frank, the minute a snake comes in this boat, I am out of it.  Luckily it never happened.  Because logically, there are probably more snakes IN the water then the boat.

Most camps are sitting on pilings since they are in the swamp.  Much of the area below I-10 are alluvial soils and thus filled with water which creates swamps and low areas.

If you drive between my house and Charlene's house in Lafayette, LA you will have to cross the Atchafalaya Swamp. (Remember the serial killer who was dumping bodies in Whiskey Bay?  That is the Atchafalaya.)  But most of the Cajuns back in there are good people.

This camp started out as my houseboat block.  I was never happy with it.  I need to make a flat bottomed boathouse.

So now it is a taller camp.   But you really don't need much floorspace.  Just somewhere to toss your sleeping bag and clean your catch.

The grey roof is tin, so it will need to be quilted with ripples!

The block I did today  is interesting.  I can tell you how I made it.

I found this great tree fabric, we don't really have huge fir trees here in Louisiana, but the fabric is cool.

I cut a square of muslin and am going to use it for a base upon which to build my structure.

And I found a fat quarter of woodgrain fabric I have been hoarding saving.  It was tough, but I used it.

I cut the woodgrain and a second darker piece to add some interested to the boards.

My glue stick was useful in helping the strips to stay in play while I worked. 

I laid out the boards in a pleasing fashion.  When I quilt it I will sew down each board and add some work on the wood grains.

 All the pieces of the block itself are cut out and ready to be sewn together.

Things always look better with some appropriate seam-age!

Here are the four Cajun Camps together.  Of course there will be more camps.  I am thinking to add some things like flying geese in between the blocks.  And do some paperpieceing of some things like an alligator and maybe a pelican block.  But not a lion or a penguin! LOL

I used Julie's book to help me work through the basic construction, you can brainstorm so many different things you can do with her techinques.  Or you can make barns!

I am linking up with Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday, and you can head over there and see what others are working on as well.


  1. I like how you did the wood. It looks sort f ram shackle , like a bit of light is shining thru the cracks. When you talked about pirogue I tuiught there were potatoes filled dumplings tied outside the camps - lol!

  2. I adore your Cajun camp! It's absolutely wonderful so far. My favorite is that duck on top of the blind! That is so funny. A couple weeks ago I was looking at some chicken fabric. A quilt idea popped in my head. Big chickens sitting on top of a barn and silo. Attack of the big chickens! But then I had to leave for work and it never got any further than a thought. You've inspired me!!!


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