Friday, May 27, 2016

Two People I Do Not Know - But Who Are Now My Best Friends!


The Free Pieced Barn Project 
will continue this fall 
with three public exhibitions of 
the SSOBB gallery of quilts --

first as a Special Exhibit at AQS Chattanooga,
(September 14-15-16-17, 2016)

next as a Special Exhibit at AQS Des Moines,
(October  5-6-7-8, 2016)

and finally at the annual Davies Manor Quilt Show in Memphis.
(November 4-5-6, 2016)

Links and more event details will be shared
just as soon as they are available

* * *

I am so sorry to see my Blog Hop Week end!  I have never felt more important than I have this week.  And I know all that fabric and dog bone bribes that arrived at my door did not influence me in the least!  LOL.  Hey, that is how we do things in Louisiana, right Cher?

I compiled the names for all the days and days and days of the Build A Barn Blog Hop I conducted

For the book, I pulled up a random generator and plugged in my  numbers (in Louisiana politics you would have brought your heavy eqipment over and worked on my property) and I pulled:

NUMBER 5 - Alice Turcotte  (are you related to Ron Turcotte - Jockey of the famous Secretariat?)

But then I said, so many people aren't going to get anything.  So I went outside and found Frank (Mr. Quilts and Dogs) or (Mr. QuiltSwissy, which ever way you look at it), and asked him for a number and he came up with 17, the age at which he met and started dating me.  It changed his life, today he says for the better, but yesterday it was not as positive.

So that number belongs to Mary Ann!

Remember that last Cajun  Camp?  NOOOO, you don't get my camp!  But you will get a FQ of that fabulous Fir tree background to add to your barns!

So what do we  do now?

The winners need to send me their emails and mailing addresses to:


Got that?

And the rest of you, in true Louisiana Body Politic, can begin to insert your influence using whatever bribery you can think of to make deals with the winners.

On Monday, go see Belinda's barn story.  And don't forget to continue to play on the rest of the Blog Hops where you can have other chances to win Julie's Book --- and maybe some other stuff!

Monday May 30 – Belinda from Texas
Monday June 6 – Cherie Moore
Monday June 13 – Valerie Levy
Monday June 20 – Cathy Labath  
Monday June 27 – Kathy French
Monday July 4 – Heidi Burkhardt
Monday July 11 – Hilda Bakke
Monday July 18 – Chris Ballard
Monday July 25 – Debbie Voigt 
Monday August 1 - Julie Sefton

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  1. Wow - yet ANOTHER great blog hop post . . . congratulations to Alice (Julie's book) and Mary Ann (Glen's fabric). And a special shout out to Frank for such outstanding number-picking logic!


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