Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kimono Quilt

Julie asked a great question.  When the quilt was designed, was it designed with the recipient in mind?

All quilters, we have a "style".  We have likes and dislikes.  Or quilts are pretty much the sum total of what we like, our favorite fabrics, blocks and techniques.   I have a whole stack of quilts I love sitting in my bedroom chair.

Maybe I am doing this wrong..........I need to make quilts I DON'T like, then I would give them all away!  LOL.

Yes, I know that is not what she meant.

What I meant to say was that we make quilts we like.  We need to pair that with the personality of the recipient.  When I think of Jesse, I see a beautiful Asian girl, with sparkling eyes and a quick smile.  I have seen her work hard to succeed in a language that is not her own.  I think she is amazing.

So I also think the quilt is amazing.  I think she will like it and know I made it with that admiration for her.

These photos are the decisions I was making as the quilt was being constructed.  We were at the Judson Center at a River City Retreat.  I have been saving these fabrics for a long long time and it was just perfect. 

Here is what it ended up to be.

Jesse graduates this Saturday.  Just talked to her brother.  They came from Viet Nam about 4 years ago.  That is when I met them. 

I think this will be fine.

Thanks, Julie, for making me think it through.


  1. Happy that my suggestion helped!!! Beautiful quilt - I hope she loves it.

  2. Perfect fabric combo and of course she will love it🙏

  3. I think you're right...we make quilts that we love and have to try to pair that with the recipient's loves. Sometimes we get it right. I'm guessing you have this go round. The quilt is beautiful!


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