Monday, May 9, 2016

Quilting Detour

I realized that this is May.  People.  This is MAY!

I have two graduation quilts languishing in my "to be quilted" pile.

So I pulled one out, the one for niece Mary Elizabeth who is graduating from Loyola in whatever they call Journalism these days.  Quite a bit different from when that was my major!

And this morning I quilted wavy lines all across it.

Now to square it up and bind the silly thing.

I have the other grad, Jessie.  She is finishing her MBA at my alma mater Southeastern Louisiana University.  I have one of those too!

Question, the fabrics are Asian, and there are kimonos in the center of it.  She is from Viet Nam.  That is OK, right?

I  am second guessing this now.  I will have to post a pic of it later.




  1. Good to have one almost done. Can't say for sure about the kimonos. Is the top all made? If so, sounds like you will have both of these done to gift this month. My nephew is graduating from high school and I have never received the t-shirts to make him his quilt and I have been asking for them for six months.

  2. What was your intent when you designed the kimono quilt? Was it for Jessie? Maybe if you get back into that phase of the process, you'll stop second guessing and know whether to go or change to a different top.

  3. I remember you buying the text fabric - just right for a journalist- modern and hip.


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