Wednesday, May 25, 2016

People entering the book drawing - listen up!

PLEASE make sure I can contact you if you win!

I will admit, I don't understand Google Plus one iota.  I have never been able to respond to anyone who shows up as Google Plus.

So you will meed to make sure you pay attention on Friday when I pull name out of a hat for the winner of Julie's wonderful book.

I am SOOOOO happy with the response!  I have one more post this week on that blog hop, tomorrow.  I want to clean up some of my new project, Cajun Camps before I show them.  I am not happy with one of the blocks and I think I can make two out of it.

I read a blog the other day and the blogger asked, has anyone found my mojo?  Well when you look for hers, mine might be with it.

Chloe being lazy in my flower bed......

Things I NEED to accomplish this month:

finish sewing binding and mail off Neice Graduation Quilt
quilt, bind and give - Jesse Graduation Quilt
Make cajun camp blocks for (ooooh) last week!
make, quilt, bind Batik Challenge quilt for june..........aughhhhhh!
make fiber art piece with a word on it somewhere.....ok, doable.

Do you think I am lazy this time of year?  You would think all this walking would give me great energy!

And I will tell you what........I have lost over 12 lbs, but I am DYING for a cheeseburger from Tiger Bait today.  Yesterday it was spinach and artichoke pasta.


  1. That is quite a list - better get a move on! Walking can really take so much more out of you than you would ever think! You have done great with a 12 pound loss!

  2. Congratulations on the loss! Once a week you can splurge so let this week be the
    Burger week.

  3. Great job losing 12. I'm trying to put fewer forks in my mouth too.


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