Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Barn #2 - Build A Barn Book

OK, we spent Monday at the hospital, Carrie's second surgery.  Everything went well, so we are happy, but exhausted.

Back to barns.  NOTE:  If you are a no reply blogger, PLEASE make sure I have your email address if you win!  I will choose someone else to win if I can't contact you! 

Again, if you comment about barns on today's post you will get an entry into the drawing for your own Build A Barn book by Julie Sefton!  Can't beat that with a stick!

 Spend some time looking at my other barn.  I called it Crow Morning.  the impetus was the fabric with crows sitting on a fence.  I love that fabric!

I got it from my mom's stuff when we moved her from Laplace LA to the assisted living place here in Baton Rouge.  She was in the midst of Alzheimers Disease and she was not being cared for by Stan's kids.  And they were stealing her money by taking her to the bank and having her sign things over to them.

She no longer knew what was happening.  It was a traumatic move for both of us.

I am known as a fabric hoarder.......but that was one of the special pieces.  And I never wanted to use any of the "special" pieces.  I remember when she bought it and I loved it then.  We were at Hancock's in Metairie, LA at the time.

So when I put the second barn together, those crows begged to be included.  I gave in.

The process notes were from the Autumn section of the book.  I guess that is why the crows and the colors look like they do, sort of Autumn-y!

And again, strictly from my mind, I had no photos for this one either.  Although, it is a pretty simple barn, there was a lot of thought that went into the different parts of it.  Julie's book walks you through the process so you end up with a good barn.

These photos really showcase Chris'  quilting.  She took all of the barns, segmented pieces and styles, and gave each one individual treatment.  They would have been an amazing quilt all put together.  wouldn't they?

   I wanted to try  barn with one of those Barn Quilts on it!  Perfect, right?

The woodgrain fabric was the perfect match to the brick base on this barn. 
Julie was the one who had the tough job of deciding what fabric backings complimented the barn fronts.  Think of that task.  Knowing that all those quilts were made by somebody else and  YOU have to make the right choice!  LOL.  Somehow she did!

Did you know that the barn quilts are now touring the US attending AQS shows?  Yes!  How exciting is that!

I would love to be somewhere the whole of them are displayed.  If you happen to see it, send me a photo!

Comment for a chance to win the book on Friday.  Barns, talk about barns!


  1. Glad Carrie is doing well. I just love your crows.

  2. Good to hear Carrie handled the surgery well. Question - the crow fabric - the crows sitting on the fence were part of the print on the fabric? How perfect was that! If you tried to find fabric like that in the stores today you probably wouldn't.

  3. I so love barns! They were all around when I was growing up. That crow fabric is fantabulous!

    Surgery reason is escaping me. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  4. I love that you included a barn quilt on your quilted barn. FUN!!!

  5. This is the barn I wanted to see more of, and it was because of the crow fabric. So glad you got the joy of sharing the memories you had of your mom buying this fabric and so very sorry that you had to go through the memories of the bad things that happened to her. You did the right things by her and showed her the love and respect she deserved. this is a wonderful tribute.

  6. That really is a special fabric with the crows on it. I have some fabric from 1979 with crows in the trees and only lately have I let myself use it.

  7. Another wonderful post, Glen -- and a very special barn quilt.

  8. I love those crows - so perfect hanging out at the barn!

  9. I love this barn, and I love those crows on the fence. I made two barns for Julie also. Would love to see all those barns together too.


    (Millie is the cat)

  10. Another great barn. I wonder what became of the photos of barns that I took such a long time ago. Lost I'm sure.
    My interest has been peaked. I love that I found this blog today. Quilts and dogs are my favorites. Plus barns.
    You have a new follower.

  11. I LOVE this one and the quilting design is just perfect for this quilt!

  12. Nice barn quilt. Looks like the one I took a picture of in NC. The sign is different. How lifelike it looks. Love it, love it, love it. By the way you aren't a fabric hoarder, you're a fabric conservator. That sounds softer.
    Mary Ann

  13. On one vacation we spent some time in Iowa. I was fascinated by all the bands.....especially the round barns. ecdonges@gmail.com

  14. Oh I love the quilt block on the barn, if and when I get one made I would like to do that also with your permission. Love the crows also. My SIL is starting with AD and hopefully with won't happen to her as with your Mom. My heart goes out to you.


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