Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away

Yesterday while we were at lunch with Patsy and Stacy the sky was pouring forth!  We had 2 1/2 inches of rain in about half an hour.  My fish fountain filled up pretty quickly with that amount of downpour.  When it slows down today I need to download some water. 

Last night it rained again, and now again this morning.  I can't get to my rain gauge right now, but I am thinking it is going to be over 2 inches again.

It  looks like it is right about 2 inches.

Of course, McGee is hunkered down in the laundry room with blankets piled over him.  I didn't get a chance to give him a pill before it was storming since it started before I awoke.

My Med Diet group I am leading has lost a total of 16.5 lbs.  We will do the inches lost tomorrow.  Last week it was an average of 2.5 inches per person total.  That is a bit over 3 lbs per person for the last week.  This week my presentation is on metabolism but I might just switch it out for the one on how to eat in a restaurant.

Now that my house is clean for the visiting UFO-ologists, I hope to have some time to get into the sewing room today.  Or at least do some handwork on the Big Hexagon.  I still have two oranges for April.


  1. Poor McGee, I feel his pain. Our three puppies were either whining because of the lighting or growling and barking at the thunder. They cannot seem to make the connection. No one slept as a result.


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