Saturday, April 30, 2016

UFOs - The Other Kind

I thought you might enjoy this.

Frank's cousin and her daughter spent the day with us.  She is looking for a dog after her beloved dog of 9 year died recently.  So of course she drove in from Mandeville/Slidell to see if she could find a friend at CAAWS.

from blisstree
And she did, there are two strong possibilities, but one is going for spay surgery this week or next when we get a spot open. 

Well, they are UFO experts. 

And not the kind quilters have, they collect stories for the documentation of Unidentified Flying Objects from outer space.

Yes, my friends, it was an interesting afternoon.

My suggestion to you is to not go to Mandeville anytime soon.


  1. With the advent of camera phones why are there not more pictures and videos?

  2. There's not more pictures and videos because people are looking at social media and the internet on their phones and not looking up at the sky...LOL. Or thinking further...Maybe aliens somehow shared phone technology just for that they won't be noticed...haha. Interesting friends you have with I'm sure some really interesting stories. All things are possible!

  3. You know the most diverse, interesting people! I saw a ghost once.


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