Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Fabric -- Yes, I Bought Fabric

My jaw is better today.  Still need a light painkiller, I am thinking it is pretty bruised up.  I am nearly back to normal, but don't tell Frank that.  He vacuumed and did the dishes yesterday.  And fed the dogs.  Now I need to find some symptom that gets him to clean the toilets........
I rewarded myself for finding the perfect fabric for my next quilt by going to Forest Park and walking a mile averaging 3.3 mph.  Heart rate was in the fat burning zone!

Fact:  It is difficult to find light batiks.

I got the main portion of the fabric from on sale at about 1/2 price.  And I did find the perfect companion to the light batik from Red Stick.  NOT on sale of course.

I went to Red Stick Quilts this morning with the idea that I could always go to the other shop if I came up empty.  But I made the perfect match.

8 yards plus 3 yards.  It will be a big quilt.  Maybe. One never knows with me.

I guess I can show them to you............

All three are the same fabric in the same light in the same position on my table.  None are really a great representation of the colors, but the last two are closer.  It was difficult to find a good light batik; and when I got it in the mail, I was quite shocked by the color.  I had thought it would be a bit warmer.  And that caused the piece I wanted to pair it with to no longer be a viable choice.

But now it is perfect.

Yes.  Perfect.

A winner.


  1. I hear you about the neutral batiks. I'm always on the lookout. Keepsake quilting has a good far quarter bundle of them that get a lot when they have free shipping . I'll see if I can find the name of it.

  2. on one trip to amish country I made it my mission to only buy neutral batiks. Most batiks are mediums. I now buy light or dark darks. Or anything else I like. That's why my stash has outgrown its home

  3. Right now the only thing I'm adding are solids. I like making modern quilts and solids seem to the way to go modern! But I can't part with one piece in The Stash, so I suspect the word "hoarder" is quietly being used behind my back. There are worse names.
    Let the rest of us know if and how you get Frank to clan toilets...I'll try anything that works on another man!


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