Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Doesn't Seem Like Much.......

.......but I have been busy since 6:30 AM.

1.  Frank left early so I had dog breakfast duty.

2.  I went to the park and walked 2.5 miles.  It was actually cool!  So I kept going.  I had over 5000 steps by the end of the walk.  Whatever front that came and dropped 13 inches of rain on us in the last 4 days has now left and pushed out the humidity and cooled things off.  Of course, I can choose the paths that have significant amounts of shade, so it is a win/win/win for me.

Ever since Patty the Quilt Lady told me she hit 22,000 steps that has become something I want to do.  I can get 14K regularly, 16K on a good day, and 17-18K when we are on vacatiion.  Yesterday I had 12K but a migraine kicked in mid morning.  It wasn't until mid-afternoon that I took something for it.  And I could still feel it last night at 8 pm.  (Did you hear they are doing botox for migraines?  I might get botox paid for by the insurance????  How fantastic would that be?)

3.  Drove to the grocery - which doesn't sound like much but they are demolishing the intersection that I need to go anywhere through and it takes so long to get through there.  And they have demolished the only other way to get to this area as well.  Why would they wait for 30 years to do a project, then do two major ONLY thoroughfares at the same time?

4.  Grocery - for some reason, Frank can't drink the coconut milk or almond milk on his cereal.  And he and the dogs go through yogurt like there is no tomorrow.  I saw a brand new, fresh picked, huge bunch of beautiful kale that was calling my name.  And walked another 3/4 mile. 

5.  Made kale chips (which taste surprisingly like potato chips, really), parboiled zucchini for Dino, fed the birds, took an ink pen away from McGee, played my word game and got the challenge for the 14th day in a row (I can make it for 33 days before it beats me), washed a load of clothes, stuffed them into the dryer, and now need to figure out what to have for lunch.

I am hoping to vacuum, well send the Roomba out to do a man's job, and work on another tree.

I really should do the Cotton Robin piece before it gets too far out of time.  It needs to be home by June 30th.

That is what I will work on.

Yes, Cotton Robin.



  1. I just can't wrap my tastebuds around kale. I've tried the chips and nah, how else do you cook them? I love, love Swiss chard though.

  2. What a busy day! I should go out and walk the job site right now to get a few steps in. It is only 55 degrees out and that is perfect for me!

  3. Botox for migraines may be shot into the scalp. A lady at church has the shots, but they are spaced out such that the pain comes back about 2/3 of the time interval from the shot. In her case even with that she gladly welcomes all the risks they make you read about. She says that the nerves that used to light up now just have a medium headache pain in that end period so she is happy. Never been there or done that so I don't know how they work, just hearsay.

  4. Accupuncture for migraines...which word game? Why does McGee need a pen? He never writes!


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