Sunday, June 26, 2016

Give me your information.....

We got up early this morning, walked the Bad Basset Boyz for a mile in the neighborhood.  then went to the Park and walked by ourselves for another 1.9 miles.  We can do that by negotiating the shade and doubling back, thus staying in the shade.

It was still hot.  No doubt.

I have been noticing the squirrels have been very bold recently, so I waterboarded the dogs to get some information.  The Boyz spilled their guts but Chloe only snarled and snapped, making sure to let me hear her excellent teeth snap shut just outside my fingers.

She harrumphed around the yard, rolling in whatever she could find and barking her fool head off for the next 20 minutes.

Last night, I finished the quilting on the Cotton Robin and auditioned several pieces for the binding, but in the end I knew I needed the gold.

It is the best Cotton Robin I have ever seen in all the years I have been working on them. 


  1. I always know when a hawk is around because the squirrels vanish. I am not sure if they have become dinner or they just moved.

  2. the squirrels are cheeky here too. Your dogs are meaty nuggets aren't they? So strong and fierce.

  3. I can't wait to see the finished Cotton Robins–not just mine, but everyone I "touched" along it's way ... which reminds me, I really have to get busy and finish quilting the one at my house and send it home ...


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