Friday, June 24, 2016

Interesting Friday

Had some friends over at lunch today.  One noticed my dish washer liquid.  She asked what it was.

I told her it was a new mix I had concocted called the Dawn of Joy.

Actually it was the leftover blue Dawn mixed with the new bottle of yellow Joy.  It does look weird I guess.

We had a great lunch, traveling down to Middendorf's in Akers, LA  for thin friend catfish!  And you know how I feel about that!

Last night we spent in Addis, LA at Jason's momma's house with Jason and "his" Carrie and ALL 5 boys!  They drove from Denver to Panama City Florida, spent the week and then drove over to Baton Rouge.  In a Dodge Durango no less!  I can say they are better parents than me, I would have stopped the vehicle and put somebody out before I got to the Colorado State Line!  And by the time I got to Florida I would have been kidless!

But It was great to see them.  And even better that we had some of the best crawfish ever.  They were HUGE!

The guy in the white hat is Rodney.  He is retired, has a Cajun Music Band that tours the US and Canada, rebuilds old cars and travels the US doing those old car shows.  He wins all kinds of awards.

George was cooking the mudbugs.  He is the one sitting by the big fans.  And of course Carrie and Jason.

Bridge on the way to Addis
I know I miss Jason, but when I see them, I REALLY know how much I miss them!  they are getting together with "my" Carrie and Andrew tomorrow for some cousin bonding.

Bridge looking from Addis on the way home!
I am almost finished with the Cotton Robin piece.  I put off doing the quilting until the last minute because I was afraid to make bad quilting.   But now, fear of failure is FUTILE.

They need to be all mailed by June 30th, so the BIG REVEAL should be soon!  I can't wait!

I still don't quite know what to do with the Triangles.  I didn't intend it to be a baby quilt, so I guess I need to make it larger.  More modern would be with no borders, but I have no desire to do 30 more blocks.  Actually, I guess it would be more like 18 blocks


  1. Those crawfish look like small lobsters . Do they taste like lobster? What do you eat, the claws and tails? Sounds like good party

  2. oh, crawfish, yummy yummy ! I want some now....... with some corn and taters and some two-step music !


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