Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So You Didn't Get The Humor Today, Huh?

I thought I would have gotten all kinds of comments about my Jessica Rabbit yesterday.  Remember?  She is the ex-wife of Roger Rabbit.

No?  Not a funny day?  I had a whole rant about all the parents lately who seem to be not watching their children.  Such tragic things involving kids and animals.  It only takes a split second, and cell phones and texting seeem to take up so much of our attneion.  I am not saying this was the cause in either of the cases, but just an observation.  It seems more prevalent now, both children getting in trouble and cell phone blindness.


I have a Fiber Meeting tonight.  Theme is Words.

Here is my project.  Multiple titles come to mind.  Wordless, speechless, conversation, talkative.

What else?


  1. I think much of the difference today is news spreads so fast with the internet. I am sure 20 years ago there were parents that had children that got hurt by an animal or got themselves in trouble, but you just didn't hear about it. Fart sideways and it is front page news now! Another title - "Nothing to say" since there is no text. It is a very cool piece!


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