Saturday, July 9, 2016

A bit scary here.......

I am sure you are seeing Baton Rouge on the national news.  It is surreal here.   We never thought anything like this would happen here.  The thing most people are talking about is where the heck is our mayor?  Kip is generally a guy who loves to get out among the people.  He is a huge supporter of CAAWS and is always at the parade, working closely with Frank and Greg. 

We were going to head down to the Farmer's Market in Baton Rouge this morning but thought the better of heading into town.  There are sporadic protests that crop up in places and we just didn't want to be involved in them.  So we went to Denham Springs instead, the  next town over toward New Orleans.

It is not a large,  but the prices are assuredly better.  Okra, tomatoes, carrots and corn.  We needed more sugar free bread and butter pickle anyway.  So that was a plus.  We stopped at the Fruit Stand and got Louisiana peaches, some pears and blueberries that were so cheap I bought 4 gallons of them!

I love the little farmer with his truck garden!  The veggies are so sweet and ripe!

Later in the afternoon we went to Best Buy.  Why? you ask.  Because FRANK lost his Fitbit.  Can't remember where in the heck he put it, or if he put it somewhere, or if it fell off.  So for the last two weeks we have torn this house apart looking for it.  I put a Tile on his keys but that won't work on a  Fitbit!  That is another $150 I could have used at a REALLY fancy restaurant!

We did go to BoneFish Grill on Friday with friends.  LOVE that place.  It is where we went to get lobster for my birthday.  I am going to shock you here, I ordered FISH.  I generally hate fish, but this sounded so delicious.  It was tilapia stuffed with crab, shrimp, scallops and lemon caper butter.  It was almost as good looking as our server guy.  Oh, he must work out by the size of those arms!  Too bad I don't have another daughter to marry off!
After dinner, we were driving home and I asked Frank to stop at the Honda Dealer and talk to Mike about new  cars.  I am  still on the fence about what to get.  I looked at 5 year cost projections for hybrid vs straight gas cars.  Actually the gas cars are cheaper to operate by a couple hundred dollars.   My driving pattern is such that my 2006 Honda CR-V has only 47,000 miles on it.  Frank is another story.  He has had 4 Hondas (2 vans, 2 sedans) in about 15 or 16 years.  He drove each of them around 300,000 miles each.  And has had no problems other than normal wear and tear. 

He currently drives a 2014 Accord that has 130,000 miles on it! 

And you know what?  Never had an accident and only had two speeding tickets, both in notorious Louisiana speed traps (Bunkie and Golden Meadows).  The cop in Golden Meadows told him if he paid the $45 fine right there he could just go right on.  So he did!

I do miss my little red sports car, but I guess that is impractical for grandchildren.  Dogs don't really care, I could fit two 125+ pound Swissys and Chloe the Smelly Basset in my Prelude, and they were happy a clams!

Maybe tomorrow I can quilt something........


  1. I wondered if you were seeing any of the backlash from all of this nonsense . I like smaller cars and if was in the market would get a fit. Not sure who makes it but the seats can be configured easily how you want. They will lay flat if needed . A great car for dogs and since dogs are my only passengers (mostly) I look at that.

  2. What "nonsense " is the commenter talking about? Don't think senseless murders (including those of the Dallas officers) could be called "nonsense". Wishing you and all citizens in your community safe days and nights!

  3. We were in BR for a workshop on Friday and Richard, who normally goes on an adventure while I work, stayed at the hotel on the LSU campus because he was afraid to run into protesters. I wanted to run a few errands but we chose to come home to the speed trap. Honestly, I didn't know Bunkie has a notorious reputation for tickets. I've never been stopped and I have a heavy foot in the mornings--I do tend to run late going to work.

    I've been worried about a couple of former students who are state policemen and were called in to BR and Shreveport. After Dallas, anything could happen and these are all men with wives and babies. Really worried about all of the "boys in blue." In the meantime you hang out in your studio where it's safe.

  4. Given the tensions in BR and so many other places, I feel safest in my studio. I worry about the safety of SO many when anger and short fuses are in such abundant supply.


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