Sunday, July 10, 2016

Staying Close to Home Today....And It Was STILL Interesting!

We did go to Sam's, which was surprisingly empty.  We went to Ace Hardware to pick up some staples for the industrial staple gun that had two boxes of staples sitting next to it that didn't fit.  And we went to Jason's for lunch. 

We bought an attic tent that covers the stairs with a 14 R factor material.  It is stapled to the ceiling joists over the staircase.  So we waited for a few days to put it up, and found the staples in the boxes sitting next to the stapler were the wrong size staples!  LOL.  Thank goodness for Ace!

I want my city back, I sure will be glad when the professional protesters go home.  I think the police have unlimited patience.  I don't think I could take what they do.   

In other news, Frank was out cutting the front grass this morning when three, count them three, police cars rush up to the house next door.  Yes, you know the one.  No sirens.  A total of 6 police officers get out.   Frank was just finishing up, so he shut things down and put his mower up in the back shed.

The officers stood outside the house next door while two of them went up to the door.  I could not hear a thing, but they stood on her driveway and talked while glancing up and down  the street.  Just keeping an eye on things. 

One of the two officers would walk over to talk to the four, then go back.  They did this a couple of times. 

I have no idea.  They only interacted with her, not any other neighbors.  She has called the police on all of us over the years.  When she called them about Frank, the officer never involved Frank, but as he was cutting the grass the officer told the woman, you have to let him cut his grass. 

We chuckled about the fact  that the officers here in Baton Rouge have so much more to worry about, they don't need crap like this. 


  1. My neighbors bitch if I DON'T cut the grass - go figure. the world is getting crazier every day.

  2. You get into mischief staying home. LOL

  3. OH I can relate! I had a neighbor that called the police on me for being in my front yard! Those two old ladies were nuts! Oh I could tell you stories! They finally moved when the 86 year old mother fell in the front yard and broke her hip. She couldn't navigate the steps - outside and inside - so her and her daughter moved.


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