Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Click on the link to see our dog tub

Since it won't let me cut and paste the photos you have to click on it.

Petedge Dog Wash Stainless Steel Tub

I think this is the one we ordered.  I don'thave the paperwork but if it is not exactly the one, it is very close to what it will look like.

We have a grid to put in the bottom to raise little dogs up higher.  Big dogs can just walk into the tub area.  It will have a hose and faucet set up as well.

And a shelf on the top to hold shampoos and brushes.


  1. That is a nice unit that should last for many years! There will a lot of happy clean dogs and dog washers!

  2. My husband and I could use this tub!! HA This will be wonderful for your shelter....just great!!!


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