Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Just so you will stop worrying about it, we got delivery of the dog wash this morning!

I am so excited!  Initial steps, one at a time!

Step 1 - get a truck to come........

Step 2 - Upright the box that fell over.........I said, it was glass and the driver panicked........

Step 3 - figure out where to put it, put it there and hope it is not  in the way....cause it ain't moving again!

Step 4 -  make sure it looks like what you ordered.....trick is x-ray eyes!

Step 5 - sigh of relief!


  1. Can you show us when it's set up? Inquiring minds want to know

  2. Well, thank you! There a bit of relief. Now to get it installed. Do show us when it's done...or better, show in-progress pics.


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