Thursday, July 28, 2016

Death In the Family

Yes, quite an intimate one at that.  My coffeemaker.

Well, it was much more than a coffee maker, it made cappuccino.  And the steamed milk to go with it.  It was 12 or so years old.

And it still works, sort of.  I don't want to give it up.  I want it to keep on working.

But the aggravation came to a point where I finally accepted Frank's offer of a Keurig.  2.0 so it is the latest and greatest.

I have to say, even my coffee connoisseur friend Michael now owns a Keurig.

My old Breville just LOOKS more important, doesn't it?

But it is totally plastic.  It makes an OK cup of coffee, but people, it's plastic!


  1. That is what the world is coming to - plastic everything.

  2. It's a special kind of trauma that only another coffee lover can understand ... when it happened to me a year or so ago, I found I just COULDN'T become one of the (coffee) pod people and found a small Capresso machine that is serving me well.

  3. I can't drink coffee, but I love the Keurig cocoa. I can imagine losing something (other than a coffee maker) that I've grown attached to. It's always difficult adjusting to something else, even if it's better (in a way) than what you had before. The hardest part can be letting go.


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