Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Sew

I finished up my Modern Robin piece.  I like it a lot.

When I was moving it to where I won't forget it tomorrow night, an old project fell into the mouth of McGee and got carted off to another room.

I decided to finish up the block and decide what to do next.

I loved the idea, gathered a bunch of linen and gabardine clothing from the Purple Cow dollar rack, and sliced it up.  I started it at a retreat earlier this year. Somewhere in the middle, I decided I hated it.

So it got bundled up.

Looking at it again this afternoon, I liked it again.

But I got nearly finished, and I hated it.

Now I am not sure whether I like it now ....... or not.


Does this have redeeming value?  Should I give the blocks away?  Who would want them?  What can I add to make it better?

Blocks are 6 1/2 inches and will finish at 6 inches.  So it is not large at 36 x 48 once I sew them together.  Could add something else.  But what?  I don't have any more pieces.

Do I need to take all the ones with the striped fabric and make a quilt with only those?


  1. It feels like it has potential .... some of the prints are causing a lot of noise but I'm loving the colors and can imagine the texture from the linen is awesome.

  2. Oh I like this a lot! I wouldn't change a thing except to finish it!

  3. There are a few ugly blocks - but aren't there always. I think I would finish it but put a border on it. I must warn you that is my discomfort with brown speaking. I would test a few solid borders to change the tone - maybe a taupe or the green that shows up at the bottom?

  4. Rearrange those blocks and you might love it again. Looks like tree leaves to me so you might add a bare tree. You know I'm not an improv quilter but I do like the concept. Play with them a while.

  5. I love the colors but the two ( that I can see) plain not pieced squares bother me. Try. Switching the blocks around and look through a peephole. do you have one? If not then you need one - very handy

  6. I don't see anything wrong with it. I would add something to quiet it down a bit, but not much. I think there's too much brown in the upper left corner. Maybe spread those blocks around. Otherwise, it looks great!


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