Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Channeling Patty A

I felt today like I was channeling my friend Patty the Quilt Lady.  She loves to create these large quilts from improv pieced blocks that turn out to be incredible pieces with very dense quilting.  And it lays totally flat even!

Since she works full time she quilts in the odd groups of time available in bits and pieces.  So it may take a while for her to finish a big quilt.

She will announce her percentage of completion with each post.  36% complete...........42% complete.......79% complete.  Following her progress is actually FUN!

My leaf quilt is pretty large, although I don't have the measurements at the moment. And it has 31 blocks, I think I counted correctly.  I was trying to count it on the longarm frame.  It sounds weird to have an odd number doesn't it?  But they are improv blocks made by a group of 12 people, and I filled in some number of them along with improv settings.

I have fully completed 4 blocks.  

So as of today, I am 12.9% complete!

Geez, it looks way worse saying that than just having 4 blocks done............


  1. I remember you teaching leaves at the first retreat where we finally met. I can't wait to see 100%.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! 12.9% is good progress! It will be surprising how much the percentage goes up with each block completed. I find it great motivation and if I have a deadline I can figure a schedule of how much I need to get done every day. Those leaf blocks are wonderful!

  3. Geezers, I like those leaf blocks! I'm not exactly sure how you know how large the back and batt need to be, but I'll try to keep up enough to figure that sort of thing out. I'm guessing the leaves will be wildly different but sort of the same, which is always interesting.


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