Monday, August 8, 2016

Kaleidascope of Quilts Quilt Show 2016

Finally had a chance to get to the library for the quilt show this year.  The quilts will hang all of August 2016.  The Guild Demo Day is Saturday, Aug 20, 2016.  Go and vote for my quilts as Viewers Choice!  LOL

Here are some highlights:

don't you love her madly - I won 2nd place with this at a guild challenge

I think Frank was enamoured with that blue one there, Bloom.


Here's The Neighborhood - doesn't look like swastikas anymore

Patriots Corner

Wearable quilts!  And I like that colorful one.

Here' s my collection of small quilts and that is the Kimono quilt I just finished.  the welcome one and the little red with some writing on it are not mine, but the rest of them are.


  1. How many quilts do you have in the show? Gosh I hope I can make it Saturday. I depends on whether I'm able to walk...having kids at school is a killer!


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