Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday - Part First

i am so sorry for all the gibberish yesterday.  Having to run off LTE and not internet is a huge deal when it comes to flexibility in writing.  I will be more conscious of that before it freezes and I am unable to see the whole post.

14 of Frank's co-workers demolished my house.  They all are Katrina survivors who lost everything. They knew.  They knew what to do to the house, what to do with the stuff, how to take apart a wall, what to save, what NOT to save.  And when to just let me cry.  They listened to the things I told them about the pieces I touched, they knew that was an important part of letting it go.  They knew what was in my soul and in my empty heart.  And they knew exactly what I was feeling.

Today was the "screw it, chuck it" mindset.  Keep in mind, we have been married for 44 years,    lived in this house for 32 and had Carrie for 31. So when I tell you that I unloaded a wheelbarrow full of blue jeans I no longer fit into from my closet, you may understand.  I have had the opportunity to accumulate stuff.  And I put a high value on stuff.  I know it is only stuff, but by god, it is MY stuff.  Well, now, my stuff is in the street, wet because it rained again this afternoon.  Sigh, and yes, there was a bit of my throat that did close up a bit.

When they left, the Sheetrock and insulation were gone form all exterior walls, interior walls were cut at four ft from the floor, and there were no appliance anywhere.  In fact the only salvageable items were my kitchen sink, my stove hood and my gas cooktop.

In fact, I only own 5, count em,5pieces of furniture.  I need to write Ethan Allan and tell them of all my furniture only the Ethan Allen pices looked like all they need now is a coat of linseed oil.  The rest died a wet death.  We saved to buy each one of those tables. Carries Bedroom was a beautiful Ethan Allen honey comb bed,  so worth it into yet another generation.


  1. time to start new - yes you do not need the blue jeans that no longer fit and that tells me maybe it is time to look through mine - I have been in this house for 35 years now -- sorry for all you are going through - no one wants to downsize or toss out things so I guess this gave you a very good reason to do it but sorry it happened.

  2. No worries about gibberish - it is so nice to hear from you and know how you are doing. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.


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