Saturday, August 20, 2016

We'd Aug 16, 2016

I don't know why the posts are backwards and it is difficult just to do anything these days.  So please check out the next post which is Friday photos and the long arm story

So today we started taKing out the furniture that was ruined, clothes that no longe were in love with (or fit in), and books that are swollen with water,  or your jewelry cases that open and falla
Apart in your hands.  And the fabric.

My antiques that came from Germany with the Potthaust family in the 1820's sitting by the curb, warped and falling apart.  I couldn't keep it together for one moe fe elation.  Carrie has one larg oppose of it , for that I am glad.

I will be just as glas when the inspector and adjuster come and write the check. But I am hearing some not so optimistic stories of past experiences.  Frank and I will come out with a better house, but it will be not like that for so many.

It is being estimated that only 12% of the flooded holes had flood insurance.

I am going to leave you with som photos from my day.

So today Frank spalashed water in his eye and we spent half the night running between after hours clinics and drug stores to get,drops,  while I was there I got my tetanus shots but he widens need one yet,m which May throw him into full blown tetanus tomorrow.  He disappears from the store.  They paged hi,. I looked in the car, I walked the store,2758 times, nothing.  But this time the truck was there, I knew he hadn't left me yet.  I tried phoning him but phones were dead.  Text, nope undeliverable.  Now I had all the employees running all over the store until they found him, arts ding outside, in front of the door all hot and bothered that I hadn't checked out yet .

I talked to my cross the street neighbor, Liz.  Her hubby was out of town in Mississippi.  Alone, She has to escape out of the bathroom window,with her small bag with the next doors neighbhors cat.  And in her one bag she brought a red sock and a green sock like it was going to be Christmas.  And a pair of bedroom slippers but no panties or shoes.  I said why the slippers, I wonder? She shook her head.

Or,the RN at the doc in the box whe spent the day today holding scared animals in her lap down at the shelter.


  1. So sorry for all that you are experiencing. Glad that you and your family are safe. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

  2. Thank god for those 14 helpers. The worse is over - you can only go forward and make a new start - fresh.


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