Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Total Chaos Of Whirling Basset Infinity

OMG! The rain just won't stop.  It has rained all afternoon and all nigh so far, at 10 PM. My anxiety level is definitely up.  It is still scary to hear the rain.  I have never been afraid of weather before, but my chest tightens at night when the rains come.

 Yes, I did cry when I picked them up.  They were so very happy.  Well, after they visited all possible combinations of dogs in the waiting room, much to the displeasure of a lot of owners.  We all got willingly into the new truck.  They rode home in great anticipation of a running and smelling their familiar yard.  I so disappointed them.  They have about 15 x 15 corner of the yard. And an 8 x 16 driveway space in front of the camper.  We put an easy up tent there.

On the way home I had a talk with them about the house and the yard and the camper.  They were sure none of it was true and that Normal would prevail.

As we pulled into the driveway, the deluge began.  We ran under the easy up and stayed there until it stopped in about an hour.  They were frantic about the situation. Never before had we sat out under a tent in a rainstorm.

They were intrigued by the camper, but Chloe was particularly adamant about going inside the big house.  We went into the camper instead.  McGee go on the table, DiNozzo Got on the bed.  Chloe got int the bananas.  And they were soaking wet.  As were we.

At some point things began to slow down.  And I sat on the sofa thing.  McGee came to sit by me.  When Chloe walked by, he attacked her.  I tossed him int the crate.

Then I sat down and cried again.

Everybody was OK, but It scared me.  So now we have an active baby gate system while we live in such close quarters.  In a 27 foot camper.  Oh, yeah.

Frank and the dogs slept most of the afternoon.  I looked at appliance reviews and spworked on my inventory list for the adjuster.  I just can't remember what I had.  My sewing room alone had thousands of dollars of fabric, books and equipment.  But I can't remember any of it.

I am so tired of this.  I want it over.  I want my stuff back.  My beautiful house, my messy house.

And so do all my neighbors.


  1. it will take awhile to get through this I'm sure - take it one day at a time! I know easy for me to say I am not going through it and I hope I never have to but living in tornado country one never knows. thinking of you!

  2. Sending another cyber to you. Perhaps your brain is refusing to work because of all the chaos. I'm sure you're not alone in that. You have lots of blog pictures of your sewing projects, perhaps browsing some of them will jump start your brain. I'm so wishing was close by and could help out.

  3. Yes, you are indeed exhausted and tired and emotionally drained. So many big decisions so close together are overwhelming. None of us can do our best under that kind of pressure - do what you can and know that ALOT of us are saying prayers and wishing good thoughts for you and Frank and your neighbors.

  4. So sorry, but please try to find strength in your wonderful friends and family. Don't be afraid to cry over and over. Ask for a hug from friends and family maybe even willing acquaintances. It will be a long time and you will need help to get you through. Wish I could help, but thoughts and prayers for you and all that are suffering continue. Try the eating the elephant one bite at a time concept and don't look at all that needs to be done, but at one small thing. Last year you were publishing a stash report. It tells about how many yards of material you had. An average price for quilting quality fabric would be about $11.50 a yard and so # of yards x 11.50 = what you give the adjuster. It is verifiable and they will easily accept. Books you have pictures of your sewing area showing books - send me the pictures and I will blow the pictures up and count the number of books. Pricing - not as easy, but I would guess an average book price to be about $20, magazines are less about $6 average. Some of the harder to find you have written about in your blog. Start with the easier things and go on from there. Carrie will help with appliances and stuff like that, I know her plate is full, but her heart will be less heavy if you share with her in small doses. The elephant can be eaten but not in one sitting.

  5. Glen, this too will pass. You will rise up better and stronger from this horrible experience. Three things I know: Crying when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel does help relieve the stress and tension as long as you don't dwell in it. Prayer helps calm the soul and HE never gives you more than you can handle with HIS help. Which, my love, is why HE didn't put Stelly and I in your situation b/c we would have fallen apart! Friends will listen and listen and listen so talk this out with someone. Love you and plan on seeing you very soon for a short visit.

  6. I can't imagine 3 dogs in an RV but you will make it work. Just gotta get into a routine. They must be so happy to be with you although everything has changed for them. Gotta be hard but each day will get a little easier

  7. Oh Glen, I'm so sorry that it's still so very hard for you and Frank. Have you considered letting the dogs live in the house during the day? You and Frank, of course, would live in the camper. I would hate to have to do that with my puppies, but you guys need some sanity and I can't imagine that with the three bassets in the camper most of the time. Regardless of what you decide, know that you should cry. Just cry when you need to, or want to, or must--no apologies or anything. Just cry!

    I'll lend a hand figuring out what you had. If the insurance needs a list of books and prices, I'll gladly make one. I have tons of books (for a starting point) others can send titles, and I can make a list with prices. It would be nice to use my library skills for a change and may be a way to help you get started.

  8. I haven't been online much during the month of August so I'm only just now learning of the situation you're in. I'm horrified on your behalf. It's a given that you'll not be adequately reimbursed for your losses, but the emotional toll is incalculable. I'm assuming you can't even sew to relieve the stress you're under. Wish I could do something to help but since I can't help physically I'll pray for you and yours.


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