Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Have the Best, Most Amazing Blog Friends

Amazing box arrived today.  Julie Sefton of the Build A Barn fame, (see my sidebar for the book) is amazing beyond belief.  I made a casual statement about missing my Zentangles and the zen calmness it brought.  So she dug through her stuff, stuffed it into a box and shipped it south!

thank you so much! I am so excited about every single thing in the box.  It is so overwhelming.

 I plan on running my fingers over each and every thing tonight after I crawl into bed in Camper Hell.

It must have cost $6000 to ship it, the box was so heavy full of goodies!

  Here are some of the things she sent winging across America:

There were some big steps in the house today.

Paint arrived!

Popcorn is being removed.  Carrie hates popcorn on ceilings.  I was going to leave it, but Derrick talked me into it when he told me he could no longer match the texture.......since it was so OUTDATED.  I have to admit, it does look better.  And way more fresh and modern.

Plumbing is brought up to code.  So now two handles in the tub is not good.  One can scald oneself by only turning on the hot faucet.  I guess there is no provision for someone turning on the single handle all the way to the HOT position.......geez.

Old light box in the kitchen is sealed over and the electricity is re-routed.  I will have light cans in there.  And under cabinet lighting so I will never again be in my shadow.

My construction guys are the best, too!


  1. it was a good day. What a treasure box you got! Glad to hear it's working out with the household decisions.

    1. oh, and hi to the pups... and no eating the new books Mama got.

  2. So great to see all the progress being made. I have been unsure of sending you anything because of you not having any place to keep it right now. Have fun drooling over that wonderful box of goodies that Julie sent you! There will be some love coming from Ohio!

  3. The house is really beginning to take shape. Again, it's wonderful that you have Carrie to guide and help you. It seems that she is up to speed on the latest and greatest and is tough enough to see it through. You'll love your new-old-house once it's all complete! Too bad you have to live in "Camper Hell" in the meantime.

    There's an old Cajun saying, "ça va et ça vient," that literally translated means "it goes and it comes." For everyone affected by the flood, that can mean possessions and homes that go (went) with the flood and come (return) with the love of family, friends, and hard work. Hold on just a little longer! "ça vient dosment, mais ça vient"...It comes slowly but it comes.

    PS--Don't hold me to the Cajun spelling.

  4. You can truly say for yesterday Julie was the wind beneath your wings. Fantastic day! so happy for you.

  5. I forgot to mention that the journal cover is one that Wanda made . . . SO glad you are delighted with the contents of the box!! (we have popcorn ceilings, too -- they've been painted a number of times so they are less pop-corny than they used to be). Happy that your construction guys are making good things happen!

  6. My heart sings for you - so glad you can finally have a creative outlet . All will come together now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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