Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today Was a Big Day

Yesterday LSU lost a game. 

At 4 pm today LSU fired head coach Les Miles.

In Baton Rouge, nothing else matters.  It was last week after the potential to lose the game was realized, that 28 for sale signs went up in front of the Coach's house.  Mind you, he didn't put up a single one himself, but the people have spoken.

I am not a big football fan, so I was busy power washing the house when the announcement came. And the news went unheeded, the bassets really didn't care, they were just happy to run around in the big yard smelling things they haven't been able to reach in the last 6 weeks.  When we finally picked up and headed inside the boys were tuckered out, which was my plan all along.

 A couple construction guys came in to work on the ceilings.  Someone will be here in the morning to remove the drywall in the laundry room to facilitate the installation of the fireplace in the afternoon.

I also talked to the buyer of the Bristoe house, and we agreed to meet tomorrow to sign the act of sale and finalize the deal.

I have to order the pendant lights for the kitchen and a mirror for the guest bath.   One of the tiles as you step into the guest bath broke when the carpet was pulled up from Frank's office.  It is the only room I can't find the extra tiles we kept.  Today I bought a few special tiles I am hoping will fill in the broken space and make the transition nicely to the next room.  

And I am looking at Pinterest showing dining tables, bar stools and  desks for Frank's office.  He has a specific metal desk he wants.  He says he sees them everywhere in offices.  I have no idea what he is describing so I asked home to bring me a picture when he sees the next one.

We are not ready to start buying furniture, but I think we need to start thinking of what styles we like or dislike.  And we need to agree on what we get.  I don't want to get railroaded like I did with that huge oddity of a cabinet that Frank wanted for MY desk.

Now is the time to make changes, get that WOW piece I want, and to make it our own style.

You may have to wait for the big party to see the whole save the date!


  1. Wow thinking about furniture? That is a good sign things are moving forward more than backwards. Did you ever think you would be so excited to do a load of laundry?

  2. I know you are exhausted, but I am so happy that so much is getting done. I may have curled up in a ball and given up, but you went right through the bad times and just took one step at a time. Brava! Pick wonderful furniture that does just what you need done and looks just like you want.

  3. From here, it seems your rate of progress is accelerating ... though I suspect it cannot happen quickly enough for you. Have a happy fireplace installation day!

  4. So glad the bassets can finally be free to sniff around the backyard . They will now be content and satisfied having a job to do. Sniffing is essential to life as we know it.


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