Monday, September 26, 2016

No pictures

There are no pictures because there is no fireplace.

You know it wasn't going to be easy, right?  Well, the flashing for the roof vent is smaller than what we have up there already.  34 years is a long time ago.  Everything was bigger....except me.

That leaves a gap in the roof.  Of course.  So they have to figure out what to do.  I have a hard time thinking we are alone in this situation.  There are a ton of houses that were flooded!  And not all were recently built, huh?

Frank was like, I don't understand, all you have to do is just have a sheet metal shop make us a new flashing......


  1. I have no idea what a flashing is but can't you simply flash the roofer and he will be so enthralled he will build you one?

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  3. Oh Ray!!! My sweet little sheet metal worker....where are you???

  4. Hope this is a small problem for you and is easily overcome.


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