Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Changes For the Better

I had an opportunity to visit with Theresa and get my hair trimmed.  It was beginning to look really, really, REALLY bad.  I am now all red again and much needed conditioner was applied.

It already feels better.  When I left, walking out into the parking lot, I had no idea which SUV was mine.  They all looked alike!

Chris the wonderful plumber (and still my bestie) was able to change out the hot water heater -- so we have hot water now in the big house (if not in the camper).   But no tubs still.

And my sweet contractor realized (on his own because I was just dealing with it) that the bathroom had no door and everyone driving by on the street could watch me pee at night.  So he brought a door this morning and put it up himself. 

Two cutie pie electricians put in my can lighting.  Four in the dining room that will house my long arm, four in the kitchen to compliment the under cabinet lighting that will happen when I get cabinets and four down the hallway.

Frank wanted light in the hallway, and now it will be the brightest place in the whole house!

And wonder of wonders.......Bill made an Oops!  today.  They should nail him to the wall for that one............but will the media do it?

Oh, and McGee ate my paper towels, the last two extra toilet paper rolls and the container holding my pony tail ties.  He stood on the bench, leaned over 2 feet and jumped to reach the toilet paper.  He is quite the acrobat.


  1. McGee is your, comic relief for the day. His namesake is not generally comic relief, but your dog lives the lighter side.

  2. What's that room off the kitchen? I guess I was never knows enough to peek in there and see. I wonder what your ghosts are going to think with all these new cabinets to leave open for you.

  3. silly girl, just turn out the lights and you can pee with all the windows and doors open and no one will see !!!!

    one day you will have a TUB and take a BATH... in your own house ... (maybe with the lights out since you won't have curtains yet) --- but don't ask for everything all at once.

  4. Hot water - wonderful! Love the new pot lights! Glad you took the time to get your hair back in order. That has to feel good. Sorry, you do look tired, but that is not surprising. Try to get some rest.

  5. still laughing... er not nice to laugh. Magee! the rare wood pulp basset. What is it about paper that he and Cole love? And the image of Franks acrobatics, and you peeing into the night on display, and please, the outlet in the fireplace! OMG. For reals?

  6. I'm sorry--this is really disgusting--but thank goodness I'm not the one walking McGee after one of his escapades.
    Glad you got a little bit of pampering. Haircuts always feel so light and fresh. And your house is beginning to take shape--you have walls, you have lights, you even have a bathroom door! I don't know how you ever went to the bathroom knowing that others can see you. Talk about a public bathroom! One question...are the electricians cuties pies because they look good or because they can install lights?


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