Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The door in the bathroom is wonderful!  I really do appreciate it.


The cutie pie electricians must rely on their looks to get by.


I sent a photo to Jay the Contractor to see if he could explain it away.


  1. Maybe you're mounting your tv up there?

  2. Did you ever think a bathroom door would be a luxury? LOL!! I don't get the receptacles. It looks like one does even have any wires pulled thru it. Keep after them!

  3. Power for a future TV above the fireplace or maybe a place to plug in a tall skinny lamp on the mantel that is not yet there? Keep us posted.

  4. Well, I guess this answers my question in the last post. That's the interest of reading several days' posts in one sitting...I sometimes get answers immediately. Guess I'll go to the next post to catch up and find out what you're going to have on that mantel.


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