Thursday, October 27, 2016

plant and tile

Monday I found myself at Louisiana Nurseries.  Not the kid type, but the planting type.  Since receiving the Spice box from my friend Sneaky Spice, I have been craving my herbs.

I purchased two bay leaf trees to replaced the flood ravaged pair.  I found a beautifully round Rosemary bush for the front planter.  I grabbed a four pack of Brussels sprouts.  There was a pot in the clearance section that I knew would make a good planter to give to Carrie with a baby Brussels sprouts to nurture.

On Wednesday I planted them.  I think I planted another dog too.

He looks so comfortable, doesn't he?

I also stopped in to visit my old stomping grounds at the Purple Cow.  O-M-G!!  Now I have nothing in my closet, I can go shopping again! LOL

I scored an aparantly brand new winter coat for $15.99!  It fit like it was made for me.  My old London Fog coat was lost in the flood. 

In a really giant score, I just happened upon a denim shirt with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America logo as well as a denim sleeveless shirt with the same logo in the shirt section at Purple Cow.  One was $3.99, the other as $2.99.  I was so happy!

The Bernese and the Greater Swiss are different breeds but both are Sennenhunds.  Like cousins, I guess.  They are both drafting dogs, but the Swissy is used for herding sheep as well.  And the Berners have a much higher incidence of cancer than the Swissy so the  life span is only 6-10 years where the Swissys are more like 10-12 years.

I miss my big Swissys.   Like you would never know.

When I got home, I hauled the gas logs out to the driveway and scrubbed them.  The difference was amazing.  These logs have always looked so real in our fireplace. It gets colder here than people realize.  while we don't really need a fireplace like they do in some truly cold climes, during the winter most nights we do put the fireplace on and heat up the den.  In the mornings I will come out to make breakfast and watch my quilt show with the fireplace and a couple of quilts on the sofa.

These last few nights have been in the 57-60 degree range.  So I have been way warmer.  I think the migraine made a significant contribution to my freezing that one night.  It has not been like that since then.  Thank goodness.

And today, there are tile guys setting up the tiles for my dining room (long arm room), sewing room bedroom and Frank's office bedroom.

After 3 weeks of no progress, that is a lot of progress.


  1. I agree - HOORAY for this good day. Here's to more good days ahead.

  2. Lots of little things added up to a good day of progress! Did the plumber ever show?

  3. good score on the clothes. What a contented doggie!

  4. Oh I'm so happy for you--a bit of retail therapy and house progress. What could be better?


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