Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some Education

You will learn something from me today.  Just wait.
Master bath shower

I am waiting for the plumber, who I believe is coming today.  But I am not exactly sure when or if he will actually be here.  Hey, I have nothing else to do, right?

This is the shower place that will get plumbed today.  Hopefully.  Cross your fingers for me.  That window will be reconstructed to have only two  rows of glass tiles, and the rest will be the niches underneath.  And two shower heads on each sidewall.  This is where the Schluter System will be installed.

Frank's office
David from The Floor Store called yesterday and told  me his crews would be at my house on Thursday to lay the tile floors in the two bedrooms and dining room and the linoleum piece in the laundry room.  For them to be able to so that, I need to have the slab as clean as I can get it.

So yesterday I started scraping up the plaster and texture and mopping up the dust.  When Frank go home around 3 pm, he jumped in to help.  By then my back was killing me.  It seems that scraping and sweeping really hurts my back.

My quilting studio
I got most of it done and will finish the rest today.  Mopping is slow and requires multiple water changes.  And lifting and lugging buckets of water is actually easier on the back than the sweeping and scraping.

after the floors have set, I will cover them with visqueen to keep the ultimate paint drops from destroying the new grout.

Where the long arm will live
More work.  But less paying someone else to do it!  Since we have not heard from our insurance company yet, we still have no hope of having any check sooner than the first of the year.  Average time for payment, I have been told by my insurance company, is 10-12 weeks   AFTER everything is approved by the claims examiner, looked over by us, argued for accuracy by us, accepted or not by them, and then signed off by us.  We STILL have not seen anything from Eddie the Adjuster.

Remember the storm Matthew?  Well, all the adjusters were pulled from here and sent to there.

If you haven't learned anything yet, here is something.

We use a lot of salt on our food, our roads and in our spa baths.  But salt use to be rare, costly and important as a unit of monetary value.  Romans would give the soldiers coins and salt as salary.  In fact "salarium" was what they called salt as salary.  Get that?  LOL.

Paint is living in the kitchen
So for all my lifetime my family has tossed spilled salt over their left shoulder.  It was said to be a tithe to the devil.   The real beginnings of the tossing of salt is way more interesting.

Since salt was dear, you would cautiously guard the stash of salt you had.  The devil would crave the salt, so he would stand behind you and nudge your shoulder to  make you spill some.  But if you quickly picked up a pinch of spilled salt with your right hand and tossed it over your left shoulder, it would hit the devil in his eye, blinding him long enough for you to save your salt!

For me, the paint is more valuable than salt.  I own no salt right now, but I do have a lot of paint ready to be spread over all my walls!


  1. Do you have paint chips to show us your colors? I hope your plumber shows up. I would have thought your walls would be painted before floors are done but what do I know?

  2. I sure hope the plumber shows today! Cleaning is hard work! It is amazing the amount of dirt that accumulates when doing remodeling. The cleaning people are out on the job site trying to clean the natatorium, activity center, offices, and storage rooms so we can turn this area over to the school on the 1st. They will be able to see where they cleaned. Hang in there! Once the tile get laid and paint hits the walls the house will seen like you are over the hump and on the downside of getting it finished.

  3. Is your headache gone or is it one that is hanging on and making everything harder? You seem to be getting a lot done in spite of the obstacles.

  4. It's getting better! Can't wait to see the progress!


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