Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cabinet Chaos

Chaos is right.

I received 129 boxes of cabinets from a panel truck and two delivery guys.  One was tall and muscular, the other short and overweight.  The tall guy never left the back of the truck, he inventoried each box and put it on the lift gate then lowering it to the street using a switch.

The short heavy set guy would take each box on a two wheeler and walk it to the door, up two bumps and into the house.  He would pant heavily and wheeze asthmatically.  I was very afraid he was going to die right there and my cabinets would become evidence in some police investigation.

I offered him water several times, but he refused.  My fingers were on my phone ready to dial 911 if I needed to.

I kept thinking, well, if he drops my cabinet it will take me another 4 weeks to get it replaced........but he made it through the entire delivery.  And finally did take a bottle of water from me about half way through.

The boxes piled up in the dining room for a while, then spilled over to the den and down the hall and into the foyer.

There were some boxes that were obviously upside down, and some you couldn't really tell what was up.  It got confusing at times.

I couldn't believe the number of boxes.  The tall driver guy said it was the largest order of boxes he had ever delivered in his truck, ever.

Today I spent a lot o time distributing the proper cabinet box to the proper room.  If you think that was easy, you are sadly mistaken.  the boxes are numbered with their product number based upon the type and style of cabinet part it is.  One number looks like this:

BXHG348TH-R  ---   What??????

Then you have a master sheet with a spreadsheet of numbers and weird descriptions for each of the 4 rooms.  You also have another document with a line drawing of what it should look like when all put together, full of numbers and letters that are nearly indecipherable because they are all smooshed up together.

Once you get a rhythm going, and know what color the cabinet is, and the approx size it is, you can sometimes find where it should go.  But even that can be deceiving.......the box that contains the smallest cabinet piece that goes over the fridge is larger than the one containing the top of the pantry cabinets.

Tomorrow I will try to distribute the smaller pieces that consist of kickboards, filler pieces and specialty inserts for drawers and cabinets.  Like a cutlery tray I didn't think I ordered, intending that Frank and I would make it cheaper.

And all this will begin to go together on Saturday morning.

Honestly, I can't wait.............


  1. 4, 2 baths and laundry? Wow my mind is still boggled

  2. Hurrah!!!!! I can't wait to see what they look like installed! I remodeled my kitchen at my other house and it was exciting when the cabinets came. I painted the kitchen before the cabinets were installed so once the cabinets were installed I didn't have to worry about getting paint on them.

  3. Oh my goodness, you must be excited. I'm assuming that you have someone coming to put them together and install them and you were just sorting to expedite the process. Well, I'm praying anyway. You can't possibly be thinking of adding to your stress by building and installing cabinets.

    Like everyone else, I can't wait to see them!


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