Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Secret Society Of Barn Builders

The Secret Society of Barn Builders is the group formed by Julie Sefton when she was beginning to test her patterns for her book Build-A-Barn.  (See it on my sidebar, please.)

Remember the gift of those amazing spices?  That was Sneaky Spice, Lynne.

And just on Monday a package from Cherie (Sneaky Rusty Springs) arrived.  I was gifted with an assortment of rusty bed springs!  Both Cherie's husband and mine raised their collective eyebrows, I know, it was a gift only a lover of rust can appreciate!  Frank said we probably rusted out a few mail sorting machines along the way.

 But there was also a HUGE box that had a Nova Scotia address on it.  Remember, were supposed to be in Nova Scotia with Carrie for a two week run-about?  It was a quilt.

A quilt made by the members of SSOBB!  They each made blocks and signed them.  The batting is pure Nova Scotia wool!  Which will be very handy when the temperatures plunge to 38 this weekend.

Being a quilt maker you miss out on the very thing that gives us such joy -- receiving a quilt as a gift.  No one thinks they need to give YOU a quilt, you can make your own.

But being a quilt maker you realize a quilt is so much more, it is the heart and soul of its makers.

It feels so good to be so hugged by all these amazing women.


  1. SO happy that our quilty hug made YOU happy!

  2. How lovely! What great friends. (And I love the "secret society" patch!)

  3. Quilters are truly the best people in the world! What a thoughtful gift to show how much they love you. This warms my heart❤️
    And rusty springs! Score!

  4. WOO HOO!! Another big (Sneaky!) Surprise.

    Stay warm!

  5. What a fantastic gift! The quilt is so freakin' cool!


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