Friday, November 11, 2016

Doors - Installed

Early this morning the crew of 4 came to install doors! 

I threw them a party!   I think I hugged each one of them, like 18 times each!

DiNozzo watched them all day long.......going to hire him out tomorrow!

The house looks so different with doors.  I cannot even imagine it with cabinets. 

Door to my closet in the bedroom.  See the crown moulding?  Whoooo Hooo!

Hallway heading toward my bedroom.  Closet bi-fold doors!

The bi-fold doors for the two bedrooms are too small.  They are 5 foot doors and we need 6 foot doors.  It is that 5 foot/6 foot thing again.  Geez.

A REAL bathroom door on the guest bath

 Dutch door on the sewing room.  I made a mistake, but we are working that out.  Carrie said sewing room, I never thought anything except the old sewing room.  She meant where the long arm will be in the dining room.  But that is where I have decided no door should go.  Jay will take the door originally intended for the sewing room and cut it.  Who knew.....

More doors in the hallway!

This is the louvered door that will live in that hole right next to it going down the hallway.  You are looking into the guest bath from this perspective.  The sewing room in behind the wall to the left of us.


  1. It's shaping up nicely! I bet you are so excited!

    --Sneaky Spice

  2. gee , now you can shut the door to pee..... gee you are getting more civilized by the day !

    Wonder what a children's book , telling your story from the dog's perspective, would be like..... hmmm..

  3. It looks like a real house! Yahooo! Congrats and hugs :-)

  4. Hurray for doors!
    I so hope that I can get to the quilt show next weekend or over the Thanksgiving holidays. Your pictures make me want to see the quilts even more.

  5. It's beginning to look almost habitable ... Will you be able to soak in that big tub soon?


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