Thursday, November 10, 2016


The door delivery took place yesterday.

The delivery guys were so funny, they were tickled to see me so happy over doors!  I guess they don't get a lot of silly happy people when they deliver doors to a construction site.

I have bi-fold doors that go down the hallway, two sets.  Those are the smaller ones on their side.  The larger ones go into the two bedrooms.  And actually we determined that they are too small.  They are 5 foot but my closets are 6 foot.

there is that 5 foot/6 foot thing again..............

I went to a funeral today.  My vet's mother in law, who was the wife of my beloved vet from when we first moved back to Baton Rouge 32 years ago.  He was a good friend of my uncle.  We used to see them fairly often outside of the vet clinic. 

Of course, I had less dogs then so we didn't have as much "professional" interaction!


  1. Wow those doors are really hung! 😷

  2. Congratulations on doors! That is great progress.


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