Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Paula Made Me Do It

Paula literally dragged me out of the camper and into the car, and drove me to the Quilt Shop.

Red Stick is in its final days of business.

Fun, Fun Fat Quarters.

I got some fat quarters to make some bibs ...........

and two basset hound panel quilt kits.

The basset hound kits can be made for a CAAWS raffle and friend's daughter who is working on her second baby.  I made William, her first, that football quilt.

If she has a girl, I have some Russian Nesting Doll fabric somewhere so I bought these Onion Domes to go with them.

Always have a back up plan.

 I bought a couple of rulers,


In the good News Department, the floors are finished and Frank moved my washer and dryer back into  the the laundry room.  I ran two loads already.

I am happy, we have clean clothes and towels again!

Before they left, I got the tile guys to cut some replacement tiles for my two tables.  My dad made these tables back in 1979 with some scrap iron and his new fancy welding machine he bought.  He cut some cultured marble leftover from his bathtub install for the insert.  I have been meaning to  find a replacement for the tops.  Leftover tile from a previous job worked perfectly!

My dad's tables will look even better when I spray paint them with some Rustoleum!


  1. wow, clean towels, and quilt shop shopping.... beware, there are definite hints of normalcy !!!!

  2. Good for Paula ... dragging you to a quilt shop. And hurray for finished floors and a functional laundry room!

  3. What a great good news day! Laundry, floors, fabric shopping, and replacement tops!

  4. Oh, to have the washer and dryer hooked up! What a great success! And I'm glad you have a few quilts bits to entertain you.

  5. There's nothing like having a working washer and dryer! What a big step forward!

  6. Okay forget the washer and dryer. They are great news, but in a week they will be ordinary again. But your dad's tables. Those will still be important whether a year or 10. Enjoy getting them up to par.

  7. there's so much to say... I'll just say, great restraint at the sale. Good choice on everything including the tub


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