Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Campers, Really, Bob?

Kaufman On The Road Metallic Frilly Campers OrangeThis is the latest fabric from Robert Kaufman.

Really?  Does he think this funny?  

Sigh.......I guess I will have to buy the whole line, and make a quilt......all I need now is water fabric.


  1. I looked up the fabric on their website and the fabric number is AFEM-16511-8. Move the A to the end and you have FEMA! How weird is that!

  2. Laugh it has to be some sort of joke, because this just can't seriously be happening.

  3. campers and water fabrics... yep... art imitating life. A little mold... some doggies... a ginormous fireplace in the center.


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