Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sad Day to Happy Day

This is the second funeral in a week's time.  The first was my vet's mother in law.  His father in law was a family friend.  After my uncle died, we would see Dr. G and his wife Miss Sue at Piccadilly Cafereria every couple of weeks.  They always invited us to sit with them and he told stories of his animal patients and other miracles.  Miss Sue passed away after a very familiar battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

But the loss that stunned me was my good friend Linda Rogers.  She was the Humane Education Director at CAAWS.  Age 43.  I spent the day with her at Santa CAAWS just last week!!!

Stunned, is a good word.

She was the one who would jump up and yell, I'll do that!  I will so miss her willingness to help in any capacity, regardless of the glory, or lack thereof.

Powder was her beloved CAAWS adoptee.  Powder was a special case, so dog aggressive.  She was failing at our shelter.  When Linda came along, Powder found renewed life.  They loved each other so much.  I can only imagine Powder is so confused, waiting for Linda to come home.

On the way home from the funeral today, I got a phone call........




Yes !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What will happen to powder? Is someone caring for him? So sad - had she been sick?

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss of Linda. Wow, such a young age.


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