Saturday, December 17, 2016


we were watching Alaska: The Last Frontier A Homestead Christmas in the camper when we heard an explosion just outside the camper door.  We were both half asleep, watching TV.  After the news we go into the house and sleep in the bed.....gotta have a tv you know.

I kind of identify with the Last Frontier people, they rough it and are cold.

The noise was Definitely glass sounding.

We stepped out, cautiously.  I didn't know if someone had smashed a window in the house or what.  Of course, the dogs were sleeping.....

When I stepped out on the driveway, I saw bright glinting things all over the cement by the trailer in the path we walk into the yard.

One of the spotlights fell, I mean literally fell out of the socket.  Crashing to the cement it shattered everywhere.

Weird, weird, weird.  Have you ever had a light fall out of the socket?  I haven't.

So at 9:30 pm we were sweeping, blowing and hsoing down shards of glass hoping dog feet would be safe.

Just weird.


  1. A bulb fall out of my hand, yes. Out of the socket, no. Once I smashed a brand new light globe against the door jam as I was leaving Walmart. That was weird, too, but it was my bad, so I don't mention it very often. I guess if it wasn't a light hovering overhead, and you can clean it up, it's weird enough. You do realize that some of us (am I the only one?) sort of expect a hovering light story from you.

  2. I would guess the light socket is close enough to some place you have been creating vibrations. Closing a door, hammering or anything that causes it to shake. My daughter's kitchen light was going out constantly and it was just vibration and a bulb not quite within size tolerance. It would work for a couple of weeks then go out, we were ready to call an electrician when the light finally blew. We replaced it and noticed that the new one seated better in the socket. We held the old one next to a new one and noticed that the base was slightly smaller - a problem that could have caused many dangerous situations. My guess is that you had a similar problem.

  3. I think your ghost is outside...


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