Saturday, December 17, 2016

What Else Can Go Wrong?

I guess a lot still can go wrong.

Like when they came to deliver the double oven and the cabinet is not large enough or sturdy enough to hold the 300 lb oven.   I called Logan and said, through tears, I hate these cabinets,  they have been  nothing but problems!

She did not panic, obviously she is getting used to hysterical customers calling when they realize the cabinet people dictate what appliances you get.

Of course they want to come out and see for themselves, since this is the largest oven cabinet they have and people ALWAYS put double ovens in.

I ordered the exact same oven I had put in my old kitchen about 4 years ago.  The only upgrade they have for it is a "steam" feature where you pour water in the bottom well of the oven floor and heat the ovens Slightly to 250 degrees.    This loosens the debris from the oven floor and sides using steam.

It is safer and more efficient over the old cleaning method of heating the oven to 550 degrees for an hour.  Yes, it is!  Wow.

Since we want to be out of that camper as soon as we can, we are painting the bedroom.  Jay said he would send lthe Twins to start tiling the shower, but the Schluter Syetem is backordered to be in sometime this week.  I want them to still come and move some electricity for the microwave and do some closet building.  I got lots of stuff to for the Twins to do.

We are finished the ceiling and priming of the walls.  I am meeting my cousins for lunch and will get back to painting trim later.

My cousins son Matt is being interviewed by Senator Vitter for an appointment to the military academy at Westpoint.

I think I will buy that boy a Hamburger!


  1. The things that are going wrong are similar to every remodel ever, but there are so many remodels going on at the same time the contractors and vendors just are overwhelmed and don't give you or anyone else the attention your problems require. So sorry, hope you hugged your cousin's son and told him to be considered for the honor is amazing and reflects his scholarship, leadership and commitment. there are so many good things around you, glad you took a little time to celebrate at least this one.

  2. Glad you and Frank are getting your bedroom ready to move into. Somehow I hope that helps with all the other complications you are enduring.

  3. Agreed! Once you get in a real bed maybe you can sleep better. All the hassle wil be worth it on the end. I don't know what a double oven is but it sounds fancy 😀


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