Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Artistry of Painters, Huge Spiders and Food, of Course!

I must be feeling better, or maybe it was the infusion of love when Charlene and Stelly stopped by from Lafayette, LA.  I went into the back yard this afternoon and found the most amazing art display laid out by the painters.

The doors, having been freshly painted, were drying in the most efficient and artful manner!

The trim before and after painting.  A door leading from my bedroom into the hallway.

Any one of these could be interpreted into a really interesting quilt.  Adding a bit of color here or there, a line above or below or a row of blocks to offset a negative space.

Had lunch with son in law........he was chowing down on a catfish poboy with cheese.  I had fried chicken......really great fried chicken, like the best in the city!  You can always entice him out for food!

I found two photos of the infamous boots.  I am stymied as to how I did not notice, and Frank did not notice, the difference in the boots until after lunch.  That must have been my airhead day or something.

I swear they did not feel a bit different.

Go back and look at the photo with the doors lined up and  you will
see what looks like a huge spider climbing on the doors.  Must be a foot across.  Well when I realized he was in the photo I found him and tried to get some closeups.  It looks like he is climbing in the


Space Alien Spiders!  LOL

He was a big one, but only about an inch or so.  His body was huge, not like those orb weavers that have a tiny body but huge legs. 


  1. Paaaint!!!! Doooors! Triiiim!! Yeaaaaah!!!!

  2. That spider looks bigger than an inch. What would be it's prey? Birds, cats, small dogs?

    So nice that the painting is finally happening. Is there light at the end of the tunnel that is not a train?

  3. Thinking about quilt designs? Now that is a good sign😎 Yay!

  4. The spider would give me the heebie-geebies. (I've spelled that five different ways, nothing looks right.)
    Mostly I want to say contrats on thinking about quilts again. You're getting close!


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